2 + 2

I've been in contact with a lot of different people lately, and some of them claim to be Athiest, or say they don't believe in God. And there may even be some people reading this who feel the same way, but let me ask you a question - What is 2 + 2? History and mathematics have proved the fact that the answer is 4. But what if someone said that they think the answer is 5, and they really, really wanted it to be 5. Would that change the fact? What if thousands of people all around the world all got together and said that the answer is 5, would anything be any different. In their own minds they could have certainly convinced themselves that the answer is 5. But the answer hasn't changed - it really is 4. God is real whether people choose to acknowledge Him or not. Even if thousands and thousands of people around the world say that they don't believe in God, He is still there whether they believe in Him or not. The answer hasn't changed - He really is God.

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