Mission Statement

David Bracken Ministries is dedicated to encouraging and spreading God's word through music and testimony - to using the skills attributed by God to build up and encourage people through song and further the LORD's Kingdom.

David Bracken Ministries

David Bracken Ministries is now over 15 years old,  but the history leading up to the creation of DBM goes back much further. Ever since he was young, David Bracken has been prepped for ministry, and at the age of 25 he decided to step out of his comfort zone - leaving behind a good job and the band he helped birth - into a life of music, ministry, and service. 
As early as he can remember, music has been a major part of life.  David was born to Warren and Linda Bracken - two of the four members of the Canadian vocal group Power in Praise.  He and his siblings would often find themselves up on stage, singing as a family, not even realizing that they were a part of these big concerts.  Singing was just a part of life. 
After graduating high school and receiving a certificate in ministry from one of YWAM's Discipleship Training Schools, David found himself working and learning under the tutelage of Willard and Betty Thiessen as a studio cameraman, lighting technician, and floor director at the Canadian Christian Television programme "It's A New Day".  While at the same time, getting his feet wet in music ministry as a member of the Winnipeg-based Christian band "Isaiah's Answer" (which in 2007 received a Covenant Award nomination).  But this was only the launching pad for what God had in store.
Now, David Bracken is an Internationally-renowned Christian Recording Artist - with his music being broadcast on radio, satellite, and internet stations all across the world.  David is proud to be serving the Lord and going as far as He will lead - singing, speaking, leading, laughing, encouraging, and loving every minute of it! 
David lives with his wife Samantha, son Noah (2010), and daughter Maelle (2012) in Macdonald, Manitoba, Canada

Early Testimony of David Bracken

I was born and raised in a Christian home. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour when I was five years old and baptized when I was seven. I've been going to church, attending youth groups, volunteering at drop-in centres, and working at bible camps all of my life. And not until I was 17 did I fully realize what I was taking for granted.
I was living a life of compromise. In my early high school days, I compromised what I believed to be right for what felt good. I would say that being drunk isn't good, but I'd drink just enough for people not to think that I was a coward. I'd say that I don't use foul language, unless it was really, really funny. I'd say that I would never have sex before marriage, but I would do everything leading up to it. And the whole time I would be telling people that Jesus is the only way and I'd act like I was so righteous. My downfall was thinking that I was better than everyone else.
It came to the point where I believe Jesus was tired of me dragging His name through the mud, and He showed me the right way. The way that gives no room for compromise, and I found out that I didn't have to drink to be cool. That swearing isn't what makes me funny. That I didn't need to be physical to have a good relationship with a girl. After the attitude adjustment, I went back to school. Then, and only then, could I truly be salt and light unto this world.
After high school, God led me to do mission work with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), I got a job working for Willard Thiessen on the international Christian television show, It's A New Day, and I co-founded a Christian rock group called Isaiah's Answer with my childhood friend Cal Cowieson.
The thing that I know drove me to do most of this was a book I read while in YWAM called No Compromise - The Keith Green Story. His life story was so inspiring, but the title alone is what drives me to live my life for Christ the way I try to now. No Compromise!! I have to tell myself that same thing all the time. And because of those two words, I no longer listen to music that doesn't edify my spirit, I stay away from alcohol, I find no humour in hearing myself swear, and I do my best to live every day for God, not for myself. I am also extremely happy to say that I have endured and saved myself for my beautiful wife Samantha, my one and only, and now we have a wonderful son, Noah Evan and a beautiful girl, Maelle Grace.  Before this, I had never seen so many doors opening to me as I do now - which truly makes me believe that God loves me, God cares for me. And if I humble myself, if I'm obedient and acknowledge that I can't do a thing on my own, He WILL direct my paths.