Ontario - Fall, 2006

The Adventures of David and Mark

Thursday, September 21st
-David and Mark set out for Ear Falls, ON
-Approx. 5 hr. drive
-Mark made it in 4 hrs.
-David climbed a Coke Machine to reach an outlet
-Concert was held in front of Wilson Foods on the side walk for a freezing, but grateful crowd
-Wilson Foods donated groceries for the trip
-Mark agreed to continue on as "the driver"
-David ate steak and chocolate cheesecake... mmmm

Friday, September 22nd
-David and Mark woke up really early (and I mean, really early.  LIke seriously, God wasn't even up yet!)
-David and Mark set out for Sault Ste. Marie, ON
-A skunk was hit.  Man those things are awful!
-David and Mark took a wrong turn in Thunder Bay and lost 20 minutes
-Approx. 14 - 15 hr. drive
-Mark made it in 12 hrs.
-Concert was held in the First Baptist Church of Sault Ste. Marie

Saturday, September 23rd
-David and Mark had a really good sleep!
-David and Mark set out for Kitchener, ON
-David filled his tank for under $30 in the States
-Approx. 8 hr. drive
-Mark made it in 7 hrs.
-David and Mark got to stay in an empty house belonging to a guy they'd never met - who wasn't there... (no, we didn't break in!!)

Sunday, September 24th
-David and Mark went to church at The Gig
-David performed for the folks there
-David and Mark drove a friend who had come to see them back to Guelph because her bus was full
-First experience driving in Toronto... bring it on!
-David and Mark stopped for Krispy Kremes, they don't get those in MB
-David and Mark set out for Peterborough area to visit Mark's family.
-David and Mark waited in Peterborough for a while until they could get a hold of Mark's family
-Approx. 3 hr. 30 min. drive
-Mark made it in less than 3 hrs.
-David and Mark visited with Mark's family, they played Cranium, Mark won
-David did a small concert for Mark's family

Monday, September 25th
-David and Mark set out in search of more of Mark's family
-David and Mark missed their turn and got lost again
-David and Mark set out for Niagara Falls, ON
-Approx. 3 hr. 30 min. drive
-Mark made it in less than 3 hrs.
-David and Mark went to Clifton Hill while they waited to hear from David's family
-David and Mark engaged in some child-like fun in a large arcade
-David and Mark won a total of 1047 tickets in just over an hour, prizes are not defined as the tickets are yet unredeemed
-They get a hold of David's family and stayed with them

Tuesday, September 26th
-David and Mark slept in
-David's cousin Donna took them to see Niagara Falls.
-David and Mark's breath was taken away at God's beauty
-David and Mark prepared for their next journey

Wednesday, September 27th
-David and Mark set out for Sudbury, ON
-Approx. 6 hr. drive
-Mark made it in less than 5 hrs.
-David appeared for an interview on CJTK 95.5fm in Sudbury
-Concert was held at Lansing Avenue Baptist Church
-David and Mark got to stay with Pastor Jack and his family
-They played Settlers of Catan, Mark won... again...
-They rested for their journey home

Thursday, September 28th
-David and Mark set out for home
-David and Mark got held up for an hour at the Border crossing in Sault Ste. Marie
-Mark dropped his pepsi and spilled it all over the car
-Another skunk lost his life that night
-Shortly after, a tire blew out (you can imagine that the skunk didn't leave a very pleasant odour under that car)
-Mark changed the tire
-Mark dropped another pepsi and spilled it all over the car
-Yet another turn was missed and a brief detour was taken
-Approx. 20 hr. 30 min. drive
-Mark made it in 16 hrs.
-David and Mark returned home safely

The end.